Petanque Club Ottery St Mary

Pétanque is the most popular of the family of boule games and perhaps the widest spread, from its origins in Provence across Europe and in over 65 nations around the world.

Today there are some 583,026 licensed players worldwide with over 2,600 that are members of the English Pétanque Association the governing body for our sport.

playing petanque

This is a family game that can be played socially and more seriously at regional, national and international levels

The game is normally played on hard dirt or gravel, you play with a metal ball called a “boule” and a jack made from wood.

The boules have a diameter from 7.05cm to 8cm and a weight of 650grms to 800grms.  At first sight they look identical but they differ greatly by being made from different metals with a wide range of markings or engravings.

The aim is to get as many of your boules close to the jack than those of your opponent, scoring 1 point for each one.  The first team to get 13 points is declared the winner.