Ottery St Mary Hospital is one of several community hospitals in East Devon. A range of services and clinics are provided which enable people to be cared for closer to home and in their own community. The services are mainly provided by the RD&E NHS Trust and a number of other providers including Devon Partnership Trust.

Services at Ottery St. Mary Hospital – As of July 2019
Rowan/Linden – Older People’s Mental Health  – Daily Mon – Fri
Physiotherapy – Daily Mon – Fri
X-Ray Tues AM & Thurs PM Weekly
Virgin Care Child Health Daily Mon – Fri
Medical/Elderly 1st and 3rd Tuesday PM Monthly
ENT 1st Wed All Day Monthly
ENT Friday PM 5 Weekly
Pulmonary Rehab Mon & Thurs PM 6 Weekly sessions on going, rolling
Voluntary Nail Service Friday AM Weekly
General Medicine Thurs PM 5 Weekly
Audiology Mon Wed Fri all Day Weekly
Leg Ulcer Clinic Wed PM Weekly
Glaucoma Ad Hoc Monday All Day Every Month
Chiropody Mon, Tues & Wed All Day Weekly
Bladder and Bowel
·         Jacqui – Monday All Day Weekly
·         Ruth – works from Physio Dept Thurs All Day Weekly
Midwives Ad Hoc
AAA Screening Days varies – All Day Monday
Speech Therapy Wednesday & Thursday Weekly
Heart Failure Nurse 1st and 3rd Wed Monthly
Cardiac Rehab Friday All Day Weekly
Dietician 2nd Thursday Monthly
Hip & Knee Clinic Tues All Day Weekly from Physio
Adult Psychologist Tues AM Weekly
Occupational Health 2nd Mon PM Monthly
MS Nurse Various Tues All Day Quarterly
Retinal Eye Screening Ad Hoc Day Each Month
Parkinson’s Nurse – Wed PM Quarterly
Child & Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – Tues PM Weekly
Drug And Alcohol Services (DAAS) – Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri Weekly
Paediatric Psychology – Ad Hoc When Required


Urgent Community Response (UCR) Service (previously known as Rapid Response)
Based out of the Honiton Hospital, Marlpits Ln, Honiton EX14 2DE.

This Service provides both care and clinical support to patients at short notice and is available 7 days a week, and is accessible through Health and Social Care Professionals.
UCR covers the Honiton and Ottery locality. This Service is extremely valuable to patients, who are able to work with our team to avoid an unnecessary hospital admission, or to be able to return home from hospital with support from both our Community Support Workers, overnight sitters of our clinical team.

The UCR Service is available to patients over the age of 18 years of age, who are registered with an Eastern Devon GP. Patients are either currently in Hospital, who are needing some support, either clinical or care support to assist them when they go home, or they are patients, who are acutely unwell, suffering with either a Health or Social Care Crisis, who are at risk of hospital admission. Patients are referred in to the Service in the Community, by any of our Health or Social Care Services e.g Doctor, Community Nurse or Hospice Care. The UCR Service is a short term input, that aims to prevent unnecessary admissions and facilitating timely Hospital Discharges.

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