Held at the United Reformed Church Hall

Friday: 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Referral is required
Referral details – Referrals can be made by social, welfare and education agencies i.e. Benefits offices, East Devon Housing, Coleridge Medical Centre, Kings  School and Ottery Primary School pastoral workers, Health visitors, CAB etc

Covid 19 – Roberts and the Churches closed due to Covid 19

If people are unable to get out to buy food but have the means to do so they should contact Ottery Community Volunteers on 01404 600013

We are grateful for the support of local people to help keep the food bank running.
There are collection boxes in:
 McColls in Ottery and West Hill
 Sainsbury’s Ottery St Mary
 Roberts Hardware Shop
 St Anthony’s Catholic Church
 Ottery St Mary Parish Church
 Methodist Church
 United Reformed Church
 St Michael’s West Hill
Food Collected:
 Tins: meat, fish, soup, vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, spaghetti, fruit, rice/sponge puddings, custard.
 Cartons: long life milk and fruit juice.
 Packets: rice, pasta, noodles, cereals, tea bags, sugar, biscuits. Instant: soup, mash, noodles/pasta in sauce, savoury rice, custard.
 Jars: coffee, pasta sauce.
We would welcome contact with any further agencies who would like to hold vouchers and refer clients to the Food Bank.