The Reformed Church consists of a group of believers who are committed to serving God solely according to His Holy Word, the Bible.

The Bible is the basis of the historic Christian faith: although for a period of history the Scriptures were removed from their central place in the life of Christians, the situation was largely remedied at the time known as the Reformation; Reformed or Biblical Christianity constantly turns to the Bible as its sole rule of faith and practice, recognising no other.

The departure of mainstream Christianity from this position is considered lamentable and has paved the way for the resurgence of Roman Catholicism and its stifling influence in Britain. Ottery St. Mary Reformed Church believes that only a work of the Almighty God can reverse this trend and lead men and women into the salvation freely given to His people by the ever-gracious Creator God.

The activities of this Church are primarily related to gathering together in the manner described in the Book of Acts chapter 2 and the propagation of Biblical Truth. Included in our efforts are regular advertised outreach events.


c/o The Old Boys School


Yonder Street


Ottery St. Mary




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