Update on Ottery St Mary and West Hill Neighbourhood Plan – March 2018
The Ottery St Mary and West Hill Neighbourhood Plan is finally near completion after two and a bit
years of work by the steering group with input from the public. It has been submitted to the examiner and her response has been very positive. There are a few minor modifications – none of which are drastic. EDDC are pleased with it and it has had fewer modifications than most they have seen. Which from our perspective is very pleasing. It will go to East Devon Cabinet on the 2nd May and from that moment on will start to hold some
‘weight’ in planning terms. The examiner clearly realized that we had had a lot of development and the residents were concerned about it.
About six weeks later it will go to public referendum. This will be one day’s voting by the public. You will receive a polling card and instructions from EDDC. There will be publicity reminding you why you should vote and it is very important that you do. EDDC say they are pleased with it and believe
that the outcome will be positive. It will then hold full ‘weight’ and give Ottery St Mary and West Hill a lot more protection from unwanted overdevelopment.
With this time line we should have our fully ‘found‘ and published Neighbourhood Plan in place by late June/early July. It has been a long hard slog and there were setbacks. But thanks to the dedicated help of members of the group the end is in sight. I would like to say a special thank you to Margaret Hall (Chair of West Hill Parish Council) and Martin Thurgood without whose considerable help and support help it would have been impossible.
Jo Talbot
Chair of the Ottery St Mary and West Hill Neighbourhood Plan.

Additional Details

  • Email address:enquiries@otterystmary-tc.gov.uk
  • Contact name(s):Town Clerk Christine McIntyre